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Debra Atkisson Kowalski, M.D.

Thanks for posting this! I think it is so important for us to remember being teenagers as we try to parent teens.

C. Dwayne Shafer, MD, PhD

This title is one of my wife's favorite quotes: primarily when one of the three sons (or a combo of same) mess-up.
I always worn young couples in marriage counseling, "Do you like the way her mother behaves and interacts within her parents' marriage?" The reason is that no matter how she is at 25yo, the chances are that at age 45 she is going to be more like her mother than the woman you are marrying at age 25.
This doesn't HAVE to happen, but it takes pre-emptive work and expectations. It works the same for the young man, also. Eventually he acts, copes, etc, very much like what he saw in his father.
Young people from "mixed" marriages, or divorced parents, have an even tougher time with this, and need to work together to find someone for each of them to use as their role models. Mutual agreement on these role models has HUGE benefits.
Good article, Sherri!

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