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Marty Leewright

This is profoundly true. I have been a juvenile prosecutor, represented CPS and had the duty to terminate parental rights, litigated child custody battles and I have mediated hundreds of divorces. Children, even those with terrible parents, while young literally cling to those parents and most children duplicate parent behavior. Sometimes they act out inappropriately from their pain, confusion and frustration.

Laurie Moore

There was a time during the teen years that I didn't think anything I was doing had gotten through to my daughter. Years later, she applied for a job with a major magazine and had to submit an essay about the person who'd had the most impact on her life. Imagine that--it was me. Only then did I truly learn how she felt about the way I parented her. The results were both positive and poignant, beginning with the first realization as to what I did for a living.

Debra Atkisson

Thanks for your observations, Marty. I always am amazed at how a child will cling to a parent who has been neglected and abused that child. It just goes to show us how strongly attached children will be to their parent.

Debra Atkisson

Thank you for your comments. I think it is helpful for parents to hear about experiences like yours. You are an excellent example of how spending valuable time with your child is a sacrifice that pays off.

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